Cover UI Board Kit - Spare Part
  • Cover UI Board Kit - Spare Part
  • Cover UI Board Kit - Spare Part

Cover UI Board Kit - Spare Part


Improve your robotic lawn mowing experience with our OpenMower project's Cover UI board assembly kit. This kit is part of an open-source initiative designed to enhance the functionality of robotic lawn mowers, particularly the YardForce Classic 500. It comes partially assembled, including pre-soldered ICs, buttons, and minor SMD components.

Only available per request basis

The Cover UI board assembly is a part of the OpenMower project. The kit for this component comes partially assembled with ICs, buttons, and minor SMD components pre-soldered. The assembly process involves soldering the front-side LEDs, back-side connectors, the back-side buzzer, and the Pico Dev board. Detailed instructions are provided for these tasks. After assembly, the Cover UI firmware must be uploaded to the Pico Board. The firmware can be downloaded from GitHub and requires a .uf2 file from​2​.

Additionally included

  1. 1x Pico Dev board
  2. 18x LEDs
  3. 18x spacers
  4. 1x buzzer
  5. 2x connectors (4 pin and 6 pin)


The Cover UI board has LEDs and buttons with the following functions:

  • 2hr-8hr LEDs: Act as a 4 digit progress bar for GPS quality.
  • Home button: Stops mowing and sends the mower back home to dock.
  • Play button: Starts mowing of recorded areas.
  • S1: Indicates the status of ROS (Robotic Operating System). On means ROS is running but idle, slow blink means ROS is in autonomous mode, fast blink could mean an issue with ROS.
  • S2 Button: Short press skips over to next mowing area. Long press (>= 3s) deletes all recorded areas.
  • Lock Button: Clears emergency state (probably long press >=3s).
  • Mon-Sun LEDs: Act as a 7 digit progress bar for battery charge state (only in undocked state).
  • Lifted LED: Shows emergency states.
  • Wire LED: Indicates GPS quality.
  • Battery LED: On means battery is empty.
  • Charging LED: Indicates charge status. Fast blink means battery is empty, slow blink means it's approximately 1/2 charged, on means it's fully charged​.