I'm on board! What do I need to buy?

From this store, you should opt for the "OpenMower Upgrade - Complete Kit," priced at approximately 300 Euros. The remaining items are primarily optional addons, such as the DFPlayer (consider getting one if you're interested and it's in stock), or replacement parts which are already included in the kit, like the xECS boards.

You will also need other things - read more in OpenMower docs.

I just plug this onto a mower and I'm done, right?

No. Those kits are only part of the work. While many hard parts would be already done for you, you are expected to be very hands-on involved in disassembly/reassembly, wire crimpling, minor soldering and similar DYI tasks. Take a look at the video to get a glimpse what lies ahead.

Also note that the software is currently in development. The OpenMower project at the current state is a project, not a product. Only get this kit if you know, what you're getting yourself into. This kit is only suited to help you with the time consuming and error prone SMD soldering job.

What is the warranty?

We will go with warranty similar to what Prusa offers

Warranty periods for the EU region and the rest of the world: 

  • 2-year warranty for consumers from the EU, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland
  • 1-year warranty for enterprises from the EU 
  • 1-year warranty for the rest of the world (any country not mentioned above) 

On a kit, although individual components are covered by the warranty, it does not include repair service or shipping-cost for our in-house technicians.

This warranty is voided by:

  • Any damages caused by improper assembly of the product.
  • Any damage caused by improper use, maintenance or operation of the product.
  • Any damage caused by long-term lack of maintenance.
  • Using the product in improper conditions (moisture, temperature, ...).
  • Upgrades or add-ons that are not officially supported.

I have more questions, where do I go with them?


Should I backorder? Why?

Currently we are producing boards in small batches, 25-50, to be able to adapt if we encounter some issue or just want to make them better. Production can take a long time and by that time the whole batch might be sold out. So backorder is a good way to secure your product.

Backorder announcement promised boards will be shipped month ago! Where is my board?

Announcements include our best guesstimate of how things will go. For most of the components the process is very predictable and vendors can guarantee deliveries withing a few days precision. But for some of the obscure parts that we are getting directly from China/AliExpress - shipping, combined with customs, can get delayed for a month or more.