Welcome to the OpenMower kit, a modification kit for the YardForce Classic 500 lawn mower. With the OpenMower kit, you can enable your existing mower with GPS-RTK technology to achieve highly accurate positioning, which allows for precise and efficient mowing of your lawn without putting any wires in the ground.

The OpenMower kit is an official partnership with OpenMower project author, Clemens Elflein. Part of the profits from the sales of the kit will go to support and grow the original project.

The kit includes a custom mainboard, motor controllers, a set of 3D-printed parts, and other necessary components. Please note that the kit does not include an RPi4 single-board computer, a GPS board, or any base station components. These items will need to be purchased separately in order to use the kit.

While the OpenMower kit may seem expensive, it saves a lot of time for people who are not familiar with SMT soldering and don't want to bother with sourcing parts. With the kit, you can focus more on software development and ROS and less on the hardware side. This makes it a perfect choice for those who want to quickly and easily upgrade their mower without having to deal with the technical aspects of the modification.

By upgrading your mower with our OpenMower kit, you'll be able to take advantage of GPS-RTK technology to achieve highly accurate positioning, which allows for precise and efficient mowing of your lawn. This technology is perfect for those who want to achieve a perfectly cut lawn without the need to install wires or use other outdated technologies.

While the OpenMower kit is designed for those with experience in Linux and electronics, even if you don't have experience in these areas, you can still install the kit with some effort and patience. You should be comfortable using a Linux PC and installing a Raspberry Pi, and have some basic knowledge of electronics such as handling PCBs and soldering. Our instructions and documentation on our website ( will guide you through the installation process step-by-step. If you need support during the installation process, we offer assistance through our Discord community. Join other OpenMower enthusiasts and get help from our team of experts.

Order your OpenMower kit today and take the first step towards a more precise and efficient mowing experience with minimal hassle and maximum software development potential!

See FAQ for shop specific questions and OpenMower User Guide for quick start and guides

Or get right into the game and order "OpenMower Upgrade - Complete Kit".

OpenMower Kit for YardForce Classic 500 | GPS-RTK Technology

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