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DFPlayer Mini Board - Optional Addon
  • DFPlayer Mini Board - Optional Addon
  • DFPlayer Mini Board - Optional Addon

DFPlayer Mini Board - Optional Addon


Bring your OpenMower to life and add an extra layer of user-friendly interactivity with the DFPlayer Mini board. Start your OpenMower's audio journey today with our 100% original DFRobot product!


Add a voice to your OpenMower with our DFPlayer Mini board kit. This kit is designed to make your robotic mower more interactive by playing MP3 files. It's an exciting way to bring your OpenMower to life, whether you want it to announce when it starts mowing, alert you when it's finished, or communicate any other status updates.

The DFPlayer Mini board is a small, simple, and robust module that can play MP3 files directly from an SD card (not included). The player supports different formats of music and speech, allowing you to fully customize your OpenMower's audio messages. The possibilities are vast; you can make your OpenMower verbally alert you about its battery status, tell you when it's returning to the dock, or even greet you in the morning!

We guarantee that our DFPlayer Mini board is 100% original, sourced directly from DFRobot. This ensures you receive a reliable, high-quality product, unlike the many fakes available on the market.

To get started, simply enable the sound feature during the compilation process. This will activate the DFPlayer Mini board's functionality, allowing your OpenMower to play your chosen MP3 files directly from SDCard. 

Also, to use the DFPlayer Mini board, a speaker needs to be connected. The speaker is not included in this kit, and you'll need to source it separately, but the JST connector is there on the board ready to be used.


  1. DFPlayer Mini (DFR0299)