OpenMower Mainboard with 3 xESC-STM32 modules, Pico Dev Board and LSM6DSOTR
  • OpenMower Mainboard with 3 xESC-STM32 modules, Pico Dev Board and LSM6DSOTR
  • OpenMower Upgrade Kit 0.13.x
  • Dock Station PCB, comes non-assembled
  • OpenMower Upgrade Kit 0.13.x
  • RPi distancers and screws
  • Hall Sensor wire, Button
  • Hall Sensor wire, Wheels
  • External USB socket connector
  • UI Board (TENTATIVE!)

OpenMower Upgrade Kit 0.13.x


The OpenMower Upgrade Kit is designed to transform your YardForce Classic 500 or 500B robotic lawn mower into an autonomous lawn care solution. This kit comes with various components such as a thoroughly tested Mainboard, a semi-assembled CoverUI board, and a DC/DC converter, among others. Upgrade your mower today and join our DIY community in the pursuit of efficient, advanced lawn care.

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Upgrade your YardForce Classic 500 or 500B robotic lawn mower with the OpenMower Upgrade Kit. Our kit marries practicality with advanced technology to deliver a simplified, yet efficient lawn maintenance solution.

The kit includes several components:

  1. The OpenMower Mainboard, featuring 3 xESC controllers, a Pico Dev board, and an IMU (LSM6DSO), all housed in an ESD protective bag. The mainboard is thoroughly tested before dispatch, limiting the likelihood of encountering issues. As with any DIY project, correct assembly as per provided documentation is vital.
  2. The semi-assembled CoverUI board assembly. ICs, buttons, and minor SMD components are pre-soldered to facilitate the assembly process, and the board can be quickly tested with our firmware.
  3. A GPS antenna ground plane PCB, supplied empty as part of the design.
  4. A charging station PCB package, unpopulated but inclusive of all necessary parts.
  5. A DC/DC converter for the charging station, shipped in its original packaging from our Chinese vendor. In case of any issues with this component, we're prepared to refund its original cost.
  6. Additional components such as a 3D-printed GPS antenna holder, fuse holders, RPi board distancers, wires, and a USB external socket connector for RPi, among others.

While the kit is designed for the YardForce Classic 500, it's also compatible with the 500B model. The latter utilizes a 4-pin lift hall sensor, but can still be accommodated with the included 3-pin wire.

For experienced DIY enthusiasts, this upgrade kit can also serve as a base for modifying other robotic mowers, although this requires significant expertise.

Keep in mind, core components such as an RPi4 and the GPS RTK board need to be procured separately (see Shopping List). For an enhanced user experience, you might consider pairing this setup with a DFPlayer Mini MP3 player, adding an audible feedback feature to your mower.

By purchasing this kit, you gain access to our comprehensive FAQs and the OpenMower User Guide, containing detailed assembly instructions and useful tips.

The OpenMower Upgrade Kit is more than just a purchase. It's an invitation to join a community of DIY enthusiasts, committed to advancing the future of autonomous lawn care. Welcome aboard!

See FAQ for shop specific questions and OpenMower User Guide, containing detailed assembly instructions and useful tips.

Packaging list

1. ✅ Motherboard with 3 xESC boards, Pico Dev board and IMU (LSM6DSO), in ESD bag

    1. Pico Dev is flashed with correct firmware

    2. xESCs are flashed with latest firmware and app/motor configuration was uploaded.

    3. ⚠️ Central xESC (mower) is different from left/right xESC (wheels), don’t mix them

2. ✅ GPS antenna ground plane PCB, empty by design

3. ✅ Charging station PCB, unpopulated, parts included

4. ✅ DC/DC converter, for charging station, in original plastic packaging

5. ✅ 3D-printed GPS antenna holder, reinforced legs

6. ✅ Nut and bolt (2 pairs) for attaching GPS antenna to ground plane and holder

7. ✅ 2 fuse holders for charging board

8. ✅ 2 fuses, one for charging board, one reserve

9. ✅ 4 distancers for RPi board (board not included), with 8 bolts (both sides)

10. ✅ SMA Angle adapter, for ArduSimple simpleRTK2B (RTK not included)

11. ✅ Wires for connecting hall sensors, 25cm - 2pcs and 40cm - 2pcs

12. ✅ USB external socket <-> RPi connector cable

13. ✅ Wires for connecting UI board and Rain sensor

14. ✅ Cover UI board with THT parts and additional Pico Dev board

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